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Ready to turn your construction project into reality? We are more than contractors; we will be your partners in building a better future and bringing stories to life in Mallorca, ensuring personalized solutions that exceed your expectations and reflect your legacy. Together, we will review your project, provide you with a quote, and outline a clear plan to bring your vision to life.

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With over 21 years of experience, we offer comprehensive services ranging from residential renovations to commercial projects, consistently meeting and exceeding expectations with our exceptional quality and dedication. Whether transforming your home, designing your ideal office, building your dream house, or enhancing the exterior of your property, our team ensures personalized solutions that align with your vision and budget. Trust TRES for efficient property management and experience the difference of working with a construction company that truly cares about making your dreams come true.

Custom Consultation

Discover how we can tailor our services to your dreams.

Custom Design

We work with you to plan every detail, ensuring that the final result is exactly as you envisioned.

Efficient Construction

With our commitment to deadlines and quality, you'll see your vision come to life on time and without surprises.


Our Solutions

We take pride in offering a wide range of services. Our commitment to excellence and craftsmanship, combined with a genuinely customer-focused approach, has earned us the trust of numerous homeowners and businesses. We have an experienced team that, along with our competitive prices, ensures timely project delivery with the highest quality results.


We offer comprehensive construction and remodeling services, from residential and commercial projects to custom home personalizations. Our expert team transforms living spaces and enhances exteriors, ensuring that each project reflects your vision and fits your budget.


The home maintenance service ensures the safety, health, and comfort of the inhabitants while preserving the property's value and aesthetic appearance. Through regular inspections and repairs, major problems are prevented, and long-term maintenance costs are minimized, ensuring the home's proper functioning and durability.

Renewable Energy

Our comprehensive renewable energy installation service covers everything from photovoltaic systems to wind and geothermal solutions. We conduct detailed site analyses, select high-quality components, and manage the connection to the electrical grid. We provide regular maintenance to ensure efficient operation and prolong the equipment's lifespan, thus guaranteeing a clean and sustainable energy source.

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Discover how we can tailor our services to your dreams.

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After nearly two decades passionately dedicated to construction, from roles as a contractor to project manager in beautiful Mallorca, I still feel the same energy and enthusiasm. Despite the long hours and the usual challenges on construction sites, these aspects not only don't discourage me, but they motivate me. Throughout my career, I have developed skills that allow me to face significant challenges and solve problems, always with the final goal in mind. Working under pressure particularly motivates me, as meeting agreed deadlines is a matter of honor and commitment for me.

The daily contact with clients, colleagues, and suppliers has greatly enriched my way of communicating. I have learned to express difficult ideas effectively, always aiming for success in each project. This continuous interaction has taught me to build strong relationships and maintain clear and effective communication, which is essential for our joint success.

Philipp Seeberger


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